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At Great Village we believe in the power of entrepreneurship.
Our community gathers hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs – Captains – who have a strong and engaged conviction.

They are determinated to make their dream come true.
As ambitous as their dream meight be, we help them bring it to life – as longtheir dream serves the collective interest and the SDG 17.

Human Bonding is the greatest value.

Unfortunaly, entrepreneurs are often confrontated with what appears to be a fatality: money is the key to success.
At Great Village, we believe that this logic has been exhausted. The pursuit of wealth has reinforced self-interest, to the detriment of our environment and our health.

We are convinced that a new model is possible, a model based on something much greater than monetary value: human value.
Each one of us has something unique to offer, made of one’s connections, know-how and experience.


We is better than I.

To make the world a better place, we believe that the power of WE has to overcome the power of I.

We need to join our forces to solve the global issues we are facing and create a sustainable society.

At Great Village, we have already started. We connect our Captains – those great dreamers – to our community of Greaters. We may not all be Captains but we’re all Greaters, willing to give a piece of ourselves, a bit of our times, to help achieve an ambitious and sustainable dream.

Resources instantly
Create value
And profit
Greaters barter their knowledge to make all the projects part of Great Village grow mutually, with love.

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